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For the Ladies- Bra Recycling!

I recently moved and in this move I discovered things I didn’t use anymore but didn’t quite know how to get rid of. Such as old bras. Bras with unruly straps, bras with not enough oomph, bras with too much oomph, bras with scratchy decor, bras with painful wires….I had bras that weren’t broken or worn out per se, but they weren’t in my rotation anymore. Some were no longer comfortable for me but by no means were they trash.  And, for the price we pay for some of these undergarments, tossing them in the trash seems just ghastly! So, what to do? It’s not like other clothing that can be nonchalantly passed along to friends or family. It’s not like Goodwill asks for my old bras. What do to?

Luckily, I found the website for a group called “The Bra Recyclers” – the solution to my old bra conundrum!  In a nutshell, as posted on their website, this group is “a textile recycling company specializing in recycling bras and providing deserving women in our communities who are facing challenges with a basic lingerie staple.” I get rid of my excess bra baggage and it goes to people who are in need of such an item! Fantastic!

The Bra Recycling program is simple to use. If you live in New York, California, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, or Wisconsin you can take your bras to a drop-off center. For everyone else you simply print off and fill out a “Bra Recycling Form” from the website, package your bra(s) in a box or envelope and send them in to:

3317 S. Higley Rd, Ste 114-441
Gilbert, AZ 85297

The Bra Recyclers are specifically looking for :

  • Bras in good condition; Clasps and straps need to be functional
  • All sizes and styles of bras, especially larger-sized bras (38 and up)
  • Special needs bras, post breast surgery and maternity bras

You can visit their website, follow them on Twitter (@brarecycling), or “Like” them on Facebook! In addition to collecting our unwanted bras, they also host events and link up with charities. You can even become a “Bra Ambassador”! Check them out and see how you can be a part of this great endeavor!

Be sure to come back and share your experience and encourage others to participate!