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Who’s behind this “Hints of Green Blog?”

Good question! My name is Kelin and I am the main author of the Hints of Green Blog. I plan on utilizing the expertise of others along the way, so there may be other authors featured here in the future. For now, I’ll tell you a little about myself and what prompted me to start the Hints of Green Blog.

Things I love include- snow, palm trees, photographs, ladybugs, green tea, college football, travel, coupons, mojitos, snail mail, mountains, beaches, homemade popcorn, exercise, basil, key lime pie, recycling, dangling modifiers, Skyline chili, and red wine.

Things I detest include- misplacing my keys, a dirty windshield, whiskey, encountering spiders, pollution, hypocrisy, au jus, automated menus on the phone, rollerskate shoes, fast food industry, hurricanes, luggage fees, and text messaging.

I have a BS from Radford University and an MA from University of Idaho. I’ve lived in Ohio, Virginia, Idaho, Washington, and now Utah- as well as Ireland. I love to be outside- my stomach tickles when it snows. I’ve taught English to college students and coached high school girls Basketball. I enjoy taking photos, reading books, riding a bicycle, and watching college football.

I am a publications specialist for an organization in California but on the side I have an envelope-making business called YellowGreen. This is my creative outlet- I make fun envelopes out of old atlases, calendars, books, etc. All reused materials. I’ll feature them in a blog post one day 🙂

I hope you enjoy the tid bits I share here. My goal is simply to spread some helpful knowledge to people who are interested in making healthy changes in their lives and the lives around them. I genuinely believe every little bit helps and sometimes people just need suggestions as to what actions to take.

Enjoy – I look forward to getting to know my readers so please comment and share your own helpful hints of green! 🙂   ~ Kelin

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  1. Nation’s #1 Wind Power Provider – New Blog
    Hi Kelin,
    I’ve been looking at Hints of Green and based on your content, I thought you might be interested in checking out Xcel Energy’s new blog:

    We have what you might call a “passion” for looking at energy; ways to conserve it and new ways to use it. We started this blog to share our thoughts, ideas and perspectives around energy, but most important to engage with other people who feel just as strongly about it as we do. Some of our posts include:

    -It Takes the Right Stuff to Keep Wind Turbines Spinning
    -Astronauts, Efficiency and Apollo 13
    -Checking Out Your Energy is as Easy as Checking Out a Library Book

    If you like our content, we hope you would consider sharing it on Hints of Green. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information.

    Best Wishes,

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