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Deal of the Day for the Socially Responsible

Hello readers, I’ve found a new website for everyone to check out! By now many people are familiar with “Groupon” – the deal-a-day website that offers you location-specific deals/coupons. While the deal-a-day concept is probably most associated with “Groupon” there are actually many similar and niche deal-a-day websites you can join! So today I am introducing you to ROOZT.COM – the deal-a-day site for those of us who consider ourselves to be part of the “socially responsible” crowd!

We all like to receive coupons or discounts on products/services we actually buy or use right? I hate flipping through pages of cat food coupons, designer check offers, coupons for fast food places I never eat at…bleh. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a coupon circular tailored just for you!? That’s what is so great about a deal-a-day site such as I already know I prefer to spend my money on products that are recycled, produced using sustainable practices, or that contribute to charities I deem valuable. Roozt has the same values and partners with companies that produce such products. AND they donate a portion of every purchase to a socially responsible non-profit which you personally select at check-out!  That’s a quick overview- let’s get into the details now…

To use Roozt you sign-up for an account on their site. This provides them with your email address to which they will send  your deal-a-day notices. Roozt features a highly discounted product each day for a limited time- often 24-48 hours or until the designated quantity is sold out. Examples of types of products they offer include:

  • fair-trade/organic coffee
  • all organic/natural skin care products
  • fair-trade or organic clothing lines
  • Eco-Bags
  • fair-trade/organic chocolates
  • eco-friendly stationery products
  • and lots more!

A sample deal would read something like this: “$33 gift card for “Brand” natural make-up for $18″ See image below:

The savings are significant. My own experience with Roozt got me an $80 gift card for only $18!!  I can personally attest to the great-ness of the deals. Each product also gets a “Roozt rating” telling you if the product is “Community Conscious” or “Organic” or “Eco-Friendly” etc.

Another thing I like about it is that it introduces me to brands and products that I wouldn’t necessarily see otherwise. And, it’s great for gift ideas. I have a wedding coming up so I am always looking for gift ideas for my 5 wonderful bridesmaids (they deserve the moon!!) and a deal-a-day site like Roozt is perfect- with my $80 gift card for only $18 I can now easily get each of my bridesmaids a product from that company and at such an affordable price! Not to mention, I am spreading the socially responsible message on to them (they don’t mind!) and supporting a company that aligns with my values.

I really encourage you to join Roozt and start learning about the companies and products featured on the site. It’s really amazing the products that people are creating these days that are eco-friendly, recycled, or that benefit society through charitable giving. Come back and share your finds and/or purchases with us here at HoG! 🙂  Enjoy!


Old Wall Calendars!?

Happy New Year, everyone! So many potential topics to cover at this time of year- resolutions, exercise, diets, organization tips! Well, I’m going to start simple…by asking a favor of anyone who reads this.

How many of you have old 2010 wall calendars that are now useless? Before you recycle them (because certainly none of you just toss them in the trash…right?!) I’d like to ask you to consider sending it my way instead! I re-use old wall calendars (and other old materials like maps etc.) to make envelopes and I would love to re-use any calendar you are thinking of getting rid of! Any genre is fine- you’d be surprised what turns out looking awesome as an envelope!

Here are a few photos of finished products so you can get an idea of what I do.

My envelopes come with a hemp paper card and adhesive to seal them shut. They also come with one address label per envelope and are sold in themed packs of five. They’ve been sold in Virginia, Washington, and Idaho so far and not to mention, shared just for fun with friends and family all over the world! They are completely suitable for use in the mail- I’ve successfully sent them within the US and internationally. I have fun uncovering materials to re-use in order to create something that will hopefully bring a smile and happy message to someone else!

I greatly appreciate any and all old wall calendars you can send! If interested just email me at for the mailing address. Also, please feel free to share if you have other creative ways of using old calendars! Finding creative ways to make use of something is always a good thing!

a quick hello!

First, a quick hello and thank you for stopping by!

I am excited to get started on the long list of topics I’ve made to blog about – so you can be assured there will routinely be fresh material here to read. You can always check out the “About” page to get the gist of what’s going on here at Hints of Green- but mainly we’re going to be discussing small changes you can make in your everyday life that will help you make a positive impact on the planet. Now, before you start thinking of all the cliche’ recycling-type impacts (those will be covered) I want to emphasize that a happy and healthy YOU also makes a positive impact on the planet! So, we’ll be covering stress, diet, exercise, frugality, avoiding toxins, etc. as well as the reusing, reducing, and recycling!

Enjoy – and please join in the conversation! Input is encouraged and appreciated!