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Deal of the Day for the Socially Responsible

Hello readers, I’ve found a new website for everyone to check out! By now many people are familiar with “Groupon” – the deal-a-day website that offers you location-specific deals/coupons. While the deal-a-day concept is probably most associated with “Groupon” there are actually many similar and niche deal-a-day websites you can join! So today I am introducing you to ROOZT.COM – the deal-a-day site for those of us who consider ourselves to be part of the “socially responsible” crowd!

We all like to receive coupons or discounts on products/services we actually buy or use right? I hate flipping through pages of cat food coupons, designer check offers, coupons for fast food places I never eat at…bleh. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a coupon circular tailored just for you!? That’s what is so great about a deal-a-day site such as I already know I prefer to spend my money on products that are recycled, produced using sustainable practices, or that contribute to charities I deem valuable. Roozt has the same values and partners with companies that produce such products. AND they donate a portion of every purchase to a socially responsible non-profit which you personally select at check-out!  That’s a quick overview- let’s get into the details now…

To use Roozt you sign-up for an account on their site. This provides them with your email address to which they will send  your deal-a-day notices. Roozt features a highly discounted product each day for a limited time- often 24-48 hours or until the designated quantity is sold out. Examples of types of products they offer include:

  • fair-trade/organic coffee
  • all organic/natural skin care products
  • fair-trade or organic clothing lines
  • Eco-Bags
  • fair-trade/organic chocolates
  • eco-friendly stationery products
  • and lots more!

A sample deal would read something like this: “$33 gift card for “Brand” natural make-up for $18″ See image below:

The savings are significant. My own experience with Roozt got me an $80 gift card for only $18!!  I can personally attest to the great-ness of the deals. Each product also gets a “Roozt rating” telling you if the product is “Community Conscious” or “Organic” or “Eco-Friendly” etc.

Another thing I like about it is that it introduces me to brands and products that I wouldn’t necessarily see otherwise. And, it’s great for gift ideas. I have a wedding coming up so I am always looking for gift ideas for my 5 wonderful bridesmaids (they deserve the moon!!) and a deal-a-day site like Roozt is perfect- with my $80 gift card for only $18 I can now easily get each of my bridesmaids a product from that company and at such an affordable price! Not to mention, I am spreading the socially responsible message on to them (they don’t mind!) and supporting a company that aligns with my values.

I really encourage you to join Roozt and start learning about the companies and products featured on the site. It’s really amazing the products that people are creating these days that are eco-friendly, recycled, or that benefit society through charitable giving. Come back and share your finds and/or purchases with us here at HoG! 🙂  Enjoy!


Find Better Products on Good Guide!

I made a tremendous discovery today! Today, via someone’s Twitter post, I found a website called Good Guide. One of my chief concerns is dangerous ingredients and chemicals in the products I use.  I’ve educated myself about a lot of the dangerous chemicals in shampoos, disinfectants, lotions, etc. but they are usually complicated (hard to commit to memory) names like “Triethanolamine”. I check the labels of what I buy but sometimes I discover new worrisome ingredients or I forget a few to check for. This is where Good Guide comes in!

What is Good Guide?

In a nutshell, as their website proclaims, Good Guide helps you find products that are healthy, green, and socially responsible! This website contains information on over 65,000 products – toys, personal care products, food, household products, etc. This includes, baby care products, baby food, diapers, canned foods, shampoos, hair dyes, stuffed animals, air fresheners, etc.  And, they even have a mobile app!

How does Good Guide work?

Good Guide gives each product a rating (0-10) which is calculated from scores in three categories – health, environment, and society. Not only do you find out if your product has known carcinogens, you also find out if the company that makes your product has unethical policies or known history of environmental damage! Consumers can see all three rating scores, so if your concern is mostly on health you can evaluate your product based more on that rating. Along with the rating is an explanation for the rating. Let’s look at an example:

This rating is for St. Ives Swiss Formula Papaya Plus- Shampoo Plus Conditioner For Normal Hair. As you can see the overall rating is a 3.6 (0 is worst, 10 is best) and the sub-ratings are 3.0 for Health, 3.3 for Environment, and 4.3 for Society. There is also a short description of what elements formed the basis of the score. You can click through at the bottom to a more detailed explanation of the scores.  Let’s look at a portion of what these details will show you:

This is only part of the full-ratings, but you can see that they evaluate very specific things in each category. This is a VERY comprehensive look at these products! In addition to such rankings, Good Guide also provides  lists of the harmful and controversial ingredients in each product. This can be helpful in determining your selection- maybe you are very concerned about buying a shampoo that contains parabens but you aren’t as concerned about synthetic fragrances. You can easily see such ingredients specifically listed.

Probably the most helpful aspect of the site is the ability to find alternative brands of your product that received better ratings. For each product you look  up, the site will provide you with suggestions for safer alternatives. You don’t have to randomly type in brands until you find the best one- the work is done for you! You can even skip the look-up part altogether and just search for the top products in each category. You might be surprised to find some of your “trusted” brands have pretty low ratings…GASP! Are you ready to make a change?!

Do you have any brands that you swear-by? Type them in and see what Good Guide has to say about your favorite products!  You can also follow the Good Guide Blog as well as the Twitter account for current topics of interest. Come back and share with us what you discover about some of your products and whether or not Good Guide helped you make a change! And, please, help out your community by sharing this site with friends and family! Any new parents might want to check out the ratings on baby foods, diapers/wipes, and baby shampoos!

Act Bolder!

I recently discovered a web site that really fits in with the Hints of Green mission of enacting small changes that benefit individuals as well as their respective communities. The website is Bolder which can be found at

Bolder (in partnership with businesses) sets up “challenges” that benefit society (and the individual). When you complete the challenges on the site you are then “rewarded” by the sponsoring business. For example, a recent challenge asked people to wash their laundry using the cold/cold cycle. Members of the Bolder community then posted short blurbs (140 words or less) about what action they took to meet this challenge. After I posted my blurb I received an email with a 20% off coupon for a Seventh Generation product. I’ve discovered a lot of interesting businesses through the Bolder challenges. That’s part of the fun!

The challenges posed to the Bolder community tend to be diverse and fairly easy to accomplish. That’s why I like them- small steps that really can make a difference! The website itself is straightforward and easy to use. Once you post your blurb about the action you took the community can comment on your post or vote for it as “Bold” – the posts with the most “Bold” votes get featured on the Bolder Blog and get extra rewards!

So, visit the website and start finding challenges!! Current challenges ask members to do something athletic or learn about organic food options! These are great individual benefits that spill over to helping your community and planet! Even if you don’t find the reward applicable, still go ahead and complete the challenges. It becomes sort of addictive (in a good way!)

Come back and share your challenges with us here at Hints of Green!