Joe is Ready for Playoffs! Are you?

Joe Vandal is preparing for the Mascot Challenge playoffs!! The voters have spoken and Joe is one of the top mascots in the challenge! Let’s get prepared for the playoffs – things are a little different so we need to be ready in order to beat our fierce competition! Let’s cover the playoff voting rules…

As announced on the Capital One website, the major difference in the playoffs is that there will be NO TEXT VOTES during the playoffs. As of November 22nd only online votes count! Bookmark the voting website for easy access: CAPITAL ONE MASCOT CHALLENGE VOTING WEBSITE

Remember, voting online is UNLIMITED. You do not have to vote for all of the match-ups. You can simply use “Joe” as the required Nickname and you must enter the CAPTCHA security code to ensure a valid vote. If you cannot read the words it gives you just refresh the code by clicking on the circular arrow icon in the CAPTCHA code box. Each match-up lasts 1 full week so be sure to check back and VOTE EVERY DAY!!

This week’s match-ups are not over yet so Joe’s official playoff ranking is not determined. The playoffs consist of the top 8 mascots and a loss is an automatic elimination. So, JOE MUST WIN TO CONTINUE ON!!! The Quarterfinals start Monday Nov 22nd with Joe facing up against UTEP’s Paydirt Pete for the second time this season. Our previous bout with Paydirt Pete was an intense one that stayed close all week long. Joe Vandal accumulated over 100,000 votes that week!! We must rally voters over Thanksgiving break and make sure we tell everyone to GO ONLINE TO VOTE!!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in votes for Joe during this challenge! It’s a fun competition that has really given Idaho and Joe some good publicity. Keep showing your spirit! GO VANDALS!!

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