We Love Joe Vandal!

The Vandal Nation showed its love for Joe again last week! Joe ended up beating LSU’s Mike the Tiger by ~10,000 votes. This win kept Joe in 6th place but strengthened his vote total which is VERY important in these final weeks leading up to the playoffs.

This week Joe has an intense battle against Montana’s “Monte”. Monte fans have brought over 100k votes THREE TIMES so far during the challenge and Monte currently sits in third place overall. Joe and Monte have been trading leads this week but Joe is currently (Wednesday) behind by about 1500 votes. Nothing insurmountable but we really need to encourage more people to vote for Joe!! Remember, you can cast UNLIMITED votes online at  http://www.capitalonebowl.com/vote/main It is important to know this website because for the playoffs the only form of voting will be ONLINE voting- no text voting in the playoffs (which is in just a couple weeks!).

With all this exciting talk of playoffs we can’t get ahead of ourselves…let’s take a look at what challenges Joe still has to face in the regular season. This week is the tough competitor Monte, next week Joe faces the equally tough (just behind Joe at #7) Cincinnati Bearcat followed by the also fierce Tennessee (sitting at #8 currently). That brings us to the end of the regular season and Joe will have to be ranked in the top 8 to continue on. Each of these remaining battles will be TOUGH and probably very close. SO TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE FOR JOE!!!

The “strategy” for the remaining weeks is to remain in our #6 spot (or move up). This means we have to keep our eyes on those just behind Joe- UC Bearcat, Tennessee, Big Red of WKU, and Vanderbilt’s Mr.C – we want to see these foes lose in the next few weeks while we pull out wins. That way we will stay ahead of them by Win/Loss records. We also need to beef up our total vote count in case we find Joe tied with any of them in Win/Loss. This week we sit at 5-4 which is tied with Bearcat but we are luckily ahead of them in votes by nearly 100,000. They are posting big vote #s this week against Ohio State though. So- don’t give any votes to these competitors in the coming weeks – UC, WKU, Vanderbilt, Tennessee. And do keep in mind that Ohio State supported us heavily against UTEP (and continues to do so) and might make the difference for us in the coming weeks so we need to return this favor!! Especially this week as they take on the UC Bearcat. A loss for UC and a win for Joe would boost us ahead in the Win/Loss record and give us a little bit more confidence in making the playoffs. So- VOTE FOR JOE and VOTE FOR BRUTUS!! They ARE doing the same!

I continue to encourage all you fans out there to post the  weekly Joe Vandal Mascot Challenge banner image in your Facebook profile and set your status update as a Vote for Joe reminder to all your friends! We need to show our spirit everywhere we can and that includes online spaces like Twitter and Facebook!! Please share with us any creative things you do to help spread the word! We’d love to hear about your love for Joe!!

VOTE ONLINE HERE: http://www.capitalonebowl.com/vote/main


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