Mascot Challenge Interview

A quick Friday update about our intense battle this week against UTEP’s Paydirt Pete. We came within 1700 votes or so last night (AWESOME JOB VOTERS!) but this morning we’re behind about 5000 again. Last night’s voting effort was PROOF that we can snap their lead FAST! So, whatever you did last night to vote for Joe Vandal- do it again (and again!)





This week Joe is beating EVERYONE in the challenge (except UTEP) in number of votes- this is phenomenal- we have OVER 60K votes so far! The Vandal Nation is NOT to be underestimated! Ohio State has also become vocal about their support of Joe Vandal- so don’t forget to repay the favor in weeks to come! We’ll also be looking for their support in the future as well. I don’t know how many votes such alliances are actually bringing us- but ANY LITTLE BIT HELPS! So- I encourage you to tell everyone to vote- your neighbors, your parents, your siblings, your housemates, your professors…EVERYONE needs to be voting Joe Vandal!

Now, in preparation for Saturday’s homecoming game, I’m going to ask that you not forget our lovable Joe and his votes! Take your phones to the game and text during the game! Make signs that read “VOTE FOR JOE- Text JOEVANDAL to 69866” – seriously! We need to get some attention of those who still aren’t voting!

Yesterday I had the chance to do an interview (over Skype so the video is a little sluggish) with the woman who Capital One asked to run the female blogger contest for the Mascot Challenge. Her name is Danielle Smith ( and we sat down to talk a little bit about Idaho and the Mascot Challenge. Following my portion is an interview with the Ohio State blogger, who kindly mentions the voting alliance and their support of Joe Vandal!! 🙂 Love it!

Here’s the link to the interview on YouTube:

Capital One Mascot Challenge Interview





Vote for Joe Vandal!!

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