Joe’s Strategy for a Playoff Spot!

Joe is on a winning streak- thanks to all his faithful voters! After knocking off Big Red from WKU last week, Joe enters week 7 at #9. Joe has slowly been moving up the past couple weeks and now is as determined as ever to secure a playoff spot!

Remember, to qualify for the playoffs Joe must be in the top 8 after week 12. We’re more than halfway there- but we’ve got some work ahead of us! This week Joe is taking on Sebastian the Ibis from Miami. Do NOT underestimate Sebastian! Sebastian is bringing some votes this week, and despite being in 15th place with no Wins, there are a lot of loyal Miami fans and alumni that might just wake up and vote!!! Throw in an extra vote or two for Joe each time you vote- and keep telling more and more people about it.

Joe’s Voting Strategy This Week:

Ok- so what can we do to help Joe move up in the standings? A number of things- but this week, let’s focus on our voting strategy. If we look at those mascots ranked just above Joe, we see UC at #8, Tennessee at #7, and Vanderbilt at #6. UC is up against a fierce ODU (#1) this week. We probably don’t have to worry much about helping in that contest. Next, Tennessee is up against Minnesota- we want Tennessee to take a loss this week and end up with more Losses than Joe- thus boosting Joe ahead of Tennessee (pending a Win for Joe this week!) SO- vote for GOLDY of Minnesota this week. In addition, we also want to work on moving Vanderbilt’s Mr.C down in the ranks. If Mr. C. loses this week to WKU he will have the same Win/Loss record as Joe (pending a Win this week for Joe)- but Joe will place ahead of Mr. C since Joe has more total votes accumulated. So- also vote for BIG RED of WKU this week.

Looking Ahead

Now, voters- Joe has enjoyed his recent boost in the standings and string of victories…but he has some TOUGH weeks coming up. We have to gear up to really get some votes in the coming weeks. Next week Joe takes on UTEP’s Pay Dirt Pete (#2) and week 10 puts us against Monte of Montana who also has been known to bring a TON of votes, week 11 it’s Joe vs Bearcat of UC who is always close to us in the standings, and week 12 we butt heads with Smokey of Tennessee. Do what you can to find more voters and get people excited about it! Reach out to alumni, make “Vote for Joe” shirts, write articles about it, post fliers on campus- anything! Joe loves and appreciates all the support!


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