Joe Vandal Makes Progress!

Way to go Vandal voters- Joe jumped one spot from #11 to #10 after a win last week against Joe Bruin of UCLA!!! That was a much needed victory for Joe- and even though it didn’t push him up much in the rankings, Joe sits in good position to jump up a few spots if we can pull off another win this week! Now into Week #6, we need to start talking strategy my dear voters!

One major thing I want to emphasize is: WE NEED TO INCREASE OUR VOTE TOTALS! Don’t get me wrong, a win is a win and we’ll take all we can get, BUT it’s the vote total that determines your rank amongst those with the same Win/Loss record. To clarify- Joe currently sits at #10 with a Win/Loss record of 2-3. That Big Red thing from WKU also has a Win/Loss record of 2-3 but Joe is ranked higher because we have more total votes. This is great!

But, top mascots are battling each other which means some of those just above us have to take losses – which, if we chalk up a win, could put us in competition VOTE-WISE with some pretty big mascots! SO- the theme of this week is- even if we’re winning, keep voting like they are on our heels! The Vandal football team has a bye week this week- we need to spend our time voting! Tell the team to vote! Tell the coaches to vote! We want to get these numbers up before we’re too busy with homecoming festivities!! 😛

This week Joe is  facing “Big Red” from Western Kentucky. I am not sure what Big Red is other than some poor soul in a giant red pajama suit. Strange. We’ve started the week off strong- up about 6,000 votes at this point- and we gotta keep that going all week long!! Do not let up voters!

Your mission this week is to RECRUIT voters! Ask your parents, siblings, house-mates, house-mothers, teachers, neighbors, etc. to vote for Joe. We need more voters! Also, follow Joe on Facebook and/or Twitter for reminders and updates. He’s on Facebook as “Joe Vandal Capital One National Mascot of the Year” and on Twitter as @Vote4JoeVandal

Keep up the good work Vandal Nation! Pour on the votes!


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