This Week: Joe vs Joe

Here are the current standings: WEEK FOUR: MASCOT STANDINGS

The good news is, despite a close loss last week to Vanderbilt’s Mr.C, Joe has an enormous number of total votes! Currently Joe is sitting in 11th place out of the 16 mascots- his rank is determined first by his Win-Loss record. Unfortunately Joe only has one victory! However, after last week’s competition, he has 95,902 votes total. IF the competition was calculated by votes alone Joe would be sitting in 6th place. The vote totals only come into play for ties in Win-Loss records. So, every vote counts even if we are down against our weekly opponent! And, voting for other mascots boosts their total votes, which may end up knocking Joe down or out of the competition! Vote wisely Vandal Nation!!

This week Joe Vandal is up against Joe Bruin of UCLA- as of today we are ahead in votes, but we cannot let up! Keep voting! Remember, after 12 weeks the mascots enter the “Playoff” round of competition. To make it to the playoffs, Joe Vandal needs to be in the top EIGHT. So we have some wins to gather and some votes to cast to boost him up in the rankings!

I am so impressed with the sheer number of votes Joe has thus far! Keep it up fans and be sure to tell everyone you know to vote too! Apparently the easiest (quickest) way to cast your vote is by texting “JoeVandal” to 69866. We’ve had some tough opponents and there are more to come, we have to keep our momentum and keep spreading the word to gain new voters!

Go Vandals!


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